Members make us stronger

Recently, when asked what we thought the purpose of our Credit Union was, a curious thing happened... a clear theme arose and reinforced what we strive for with every member of the Credit Union.

"We help people. That's what we do. Our goal is to make a difference in each member's
  life. We are a co-op, and together, we are stronger."  

As we continue to help members, we hear amazing stories of obstacles and how they are overcome. These stories strengthen our commitment to our membership and help make us more than just members. We are family, we are friends, and together we are stronger.

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"We were able to meet our Knight in Shining Armor"

On August 23, 2015, my Mom lost her home to an electrical fire and our lives were forever changed.  My sister and I are both members of the Signature FCU as well as other banking organizations. We began the search to find the best rates, length of repayment terms, etc. to replace Mom’s home and that’s when we met Jamie by way of telephone.  What a joy to work with!  My sister and I are very close and tend to do things in unison  and not realize it.  We both got Jamie to help us with figuring out a plan of action.  In our opinion, he went beyond what most financial people would do in assisting customers.  We became known as “best buds” and he even knew which sister he was speaking with.  Our loss became his loss and he worked hard (calls & emails) looking at our individual circumstances to get the best loan for each of us.  We were able to meet our “Knight in Shining Armor” at the Leadership  Conference in March.  We now have a new home for our Mom and a lifelong friend.

Kimberly Rice, VA
Member since 1999

"Nisha took wonderful care of us"

My husband James and I have been customers of the Credit Union for many years. Through the years, we have used the Credit union primarily as a savings/checking service. However, a couple of years ago, we chose to finance once of our cars through the Credit Union.

Based on our very positive experience, we turned to the Credit Union again when we began the search for a Ford 150 truck. Nisha took wonderful care of us as we went through the pre-approval process. When we located (online) the truck of our choice in Woodbridge, VA, Nisha worked directly with the dealership. She provided them with the documentation necessary to complete all the paperwork online. That allowed us to pick the truck up on our trip back to Florida after spending the holidays in NH. It was truly a seamless transition because of Nisha's thoroughness.

The customer service we have received from the Credit Union through the years has been very good. Because of Nisha's exceptional customer service skills, professionalism, and attention to fine detail, it was a delight dealing with her.

Judith McGonigle, FL
Member since 2002