Get valuable discounts when you buy from these retail partners

Visit for details on how to save. 

As a Signature Federal Credit Union member, you have access to exclusive discounts available through My Credit Union Rewards. This program partners with U.S.-based companies to offer their products and services at savings to credit union members.

To learn more about Love My Credit Union Rewards and any of the above discounts, contact a Signature member representative or visit

The following U.S.-based companies offer money-saving discounts* to Signature members through My Credit Union Rewards:

Turbo Tax: Save money on Turbo Tax products.

Sprint: Sprint has a 10% discount on personal wireless accounts and 15% off of business accounts. 

ShopAmerica: Earn cash back on purchases from more than 1,200 online merchants, including Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowes, The Apple Store, when you buy through ShopAmerica.