2018 Election Facts

1. Can members vote online?
A. Yes. Members can go to https://vote.election-america.com/SFCU/

2. What do I need to vote online?
A. You will need your Election Code and Voting PIN.
That information can be found in the election envelope
you received via mail or email (if we have your email address on file).

3. Where can I get my Election Code and Voting PIN?
A. You should have received an email from Signature FCU Nominating Committee on 06/25/2018 (if we have your email on file). Or, an election envelope via mail; information can be found inside.

4. I have more than one accounts, why did I only get one ballot?
A. One ballot per Social Security number. If two accounts have the same SSN, we send the ballot to the original account (account that was opened first).

5. I have a Personal Account and Business Account, but I only got 1 ballot.
A. If the business account has an EIN (that is separate from a personal SSN), you will get two ballots. If not, only one ballot per SSN/EIN.

6. How many positions are open in 2018’s election?
A. Two (2) positions on the Board of Directors and One (1) position on the Credit Committee.

7. I have trouble voting online, who can help me?
A. For technical assistance with the voting process, please contact Election-America at (866) 384.9978 or Help+SFCU@election-america.com

8. When will the election close?
A. The election closes at 11:59 pm Easter Time on July 20, 2018.

9. When will you announce the results?
A. Results will be announced during Signature FCU 48th Annual Meeting on Wednesday, July 25, 2018 in Reno, NV.