Itemized charges for specific services.

Occasionally, some of our member support services require a small fee for processing or administration. Read on for itemized details of these charges.  

Fee Schedule
Item Fee
Member Privilege Fee $30.00
Returned Check Fee (NSF) $30.00
Deposited/Cashed Checks Returned for Non-payment Fee $30.00
Dormant Account Fee $5.00/month
Statement Retrieval Imaged: $4.00/statement
Non-imaged: $8.00/statement
Stop Payment Request $20.00
Account Reconciliation $15.00/hour
Check Copies $2.00 each
Visa® Returned Check Fee $30.00
Visa Late Fee $30.00
Loan Late Payment Fee $30.00
Wire Transfer $15.00
One-time Electronic Funds Transfer  $1.95 per transfer
Recurring Electronic Funds Transfer  FREE
Visa Return Payment Fee $30.00
Pay Day Loan Fee $20.00
Visa Over-the-Limit Fee $25.00
Lien Release (Multiple Requests) $15.00
Returned ACH Fee (Overdrawn NSF) $30.00
Card Replacement Fee $10.00
Credit/Debit Card Loan Payment Processing Fee $10.00

NSF: Non-sufficient Funds

We do not limit the number of Member Privilege Fee, Returned Check Fee (NSF), or Returned ACH Fee (Overdrawn NSF) charge that can be imposed on a given day, and if the same item is presented on subsequent days, a new charge will be assessed each time (if funds are not available).