To serve you at over 5,000 branches, we can’t do it alone.

CO-OP Shared Branching LogoNational Shared Branching allows us to combine resources with other credit unions and serve members at over 5,000 physical branch locations. As a member of Signature Federal Credit Union, you can visit any one of these Shared Branches or Service Centers to conduct your financial transactions. These locations are usually open for extended hours and sometimes on holidays.

What services are available at a Shared Branch?

You can make deposits and withdrawals, loan payments, loan advances and cash advances from your Visa® account at all Shared Branches.

Some Shared Branch locations also provide the following services (some services may be available for a small fee):

  • Transfers
  • Statement history
  • Check withdrawals (bank checks)
  • Fax/Photocopy services
  • Money orders
  • Travelers checks
  • Notary services

How can I access my account at a Shared Branch?

The Shared Branch representative will ask for your credit union’s name, your account number and a valid US Government issued picture ID with signature.

To locate your nearest Shared Branch, visit the CO-OP Shared Branching website. You can also call Signature at (800) 336.0284 to speak with a service rep who can help you find a location.

There’s no charge to withdraw funds at thousands of our CO-OP ATMs.

CO-OP FREE ATM LogoYou need cash, but where’s the nearest ATM? Fortunately, Signature FCU is part of the CO-OP Network, giving you access to thousands of surcharge free ATMs throughout the United States and Canada. And it’s free to withdraw funds from your Signature checking account. Plus, many of these ATMs also offer deposit services.

To find a CO-OP ATM near you, visit the CO-OP Network website.

What is a surcharge?

A surcharge is a fee assessed by an ATM owner for withdrawing your money. As a Signature Federal Credit Union cardholder, you may use any of the thousands of CO-OP ATMs without being assessed a surcharge or convenience fee.

Who belongs to the CO-OP Network?

The CO-OP Network is made up of different credit unions, with more than 23 million credit union members across the United States. Look for the CO-OP Network logo on the back of your debit card.

How do I find a CO-OP Network ATM?

There are thousands of CO-OP Network ATMs located throughout the U.S. Popular locations include: airports, malls, shopping centers, movie theatres, grocery stores, department stores and, of course, at participating credit union Shared Branches. Look for the CO-OP Network logo on the ATM or visit the network website to find your nearest locations.

Can I visit the Credit Union in my local area and transact business with a teller?

Only if that participating credit union is also part of our Shared Branching Network. To find your nearest Shared Branch, visit the CO-OP Shared Branching website.

What do the terms Restricted Area, Business Hours Only, Walk-Up and Deposit Taking mean on the ATM locator website?

  • Restricted Area: The ATM may be in a Federal building on a military base and you must qualify for access to the location to use the ATM. You will be asked to present a form of ID, pass or key to gain entry.
  • Business Hours Only: ATMs at these locations are only available during normal  typical business hours.
  • Walk Up: Drive-thru service is not available. You must physically walk to the machine to use its services.
  • Deposit Taking: The ATM allows you to deposit money into your Signature Federal Credit Union account.

When is an ATM deposited and posted to my account?

Funds deposited via an ATM location are typically available within two business days. If you have questions about the availability of your funds, contact us at (800) 336.0284.

Experience surcharge freedom with CULIANCE

CULIANCE logoIn addition to the CO-OP Network, Signature FCU members have access to the CULIANCE network to offer you even more surcharge free ATM locations, CULIANCE allows you to connect with your accounts where you live, work, or travel with national and international surcharge free ATM access.

CULIANCE operates a credit union-owned ATM and Point Of Sale network, including access to more than 80,000 surcharge-free ATMs, more than any other network. Locate a CULIANCE FREE ATM