You can’t predict the future, but you can save for it.

Signature Share Accounts allow you to grow your savings for different uses at a later date. Compare minimum deposits, dividend rates and terms to find the Share Account that fits with your investment strategy -- there might be more than one.

And we’d like to help you figure it out – talk to a real person about your questions at (800) 336.0284.

Compare Share Accounts and Rates

Share Rates
Product Type Minimum Balance to Open Minimum Balance to Earn APY Annual Percentage Yield (APY)
Savings $5 $5 0.00%
Savings $5 $100 0.15%
Club Accounts $0 $100 0.25%
Youth Savings $5 $5 0.25%
IRA Savings $0 $0 0.70%
Money Market Account1 $0 $500 0.35%
$10,000 0.40%
$50,000 0.50%
Legacy Money Market1 $0 $500 0.35%
$10,000 0.40%
$50,000 0.50%
Standard Checking/Student Checking $0 $0 0.00%
Youth Checking $0 $0 0.10%
Legacy Checking $0 $0 0.05%
High Yield Checking2 $0 $0 1.50%
$20,001 0.00%
ATM Rebate Checking $0 $0 0.00%
Debit Card Points Checking $0 $0 0.00%


Jumbo Share and IRA Certificate Rates
Certificate Type Minimum Balance to Open and
Earn APY
5 Year $100,000 1.65%

Jumbo Share Certificates are available as regular share and IRA certificates. No additions can be made to the certificate after opening. 

Share and IRA Certificate Rates (Share/IRA/Roth/ESA)
Certificate Type Minimum Balance to Open and Earn APY APY
5 Year $500 1.55%
4 Year $500 1.45%
3 Year $500 1.35%
24 Month $500 1.25%
18 Month $500 1.10%
12 Month $500 1.00%
9 Month $500 0.70%
6 Month $500 0.60%
3 Month $500 0.50%
Bump It Up Certificate Rates *Limited-Time Offer*
Certificate Type Minimum Balance to Open and Earn APY APY
24-Month Bump It Up Certificate3 $500 1.75%
Premium 36-Month Certificate Rate *Limited-Time Offer*
Certificate Type Minimum Balance to Earn APY APY
Premium 36-Month Certificate4 $500 2.05%
EZ Save Certificate Rate
Certificate Type Minimum Balance to Open and Earn APY APY
1 Year EZ Save5 $50 1.00%

Have trouble saving? We have made it EZ to start saving with just an initial $50 minimum deposit.

Our EZ Save Certificate offers:

  • A 12-month term, after 12 months you have the opportunity to transfer the balance to another Share Certificate
  • One EZ Save Certificate per account (Limit $10,000)
  • Make additional deposits anytime by mailing a check, setting up a payroll/retirement allotment, Online Branch or Mobile App transfer, or even transfer funds from your local financial institution with Bank to Bank

For more information about Signature EZ Save or to open a certificate, please contact one of our qualified representatives at (800) 336.0284.

For all term share accounts (Share Certificates), rates are fixed for the term of the Share Certificates and penalty may be assessed for early withdrawal of funds from Share Certificates.


Rates are set by the Board of Directors and may change without notice. Rates may also change on your account after it’s opened. Fees or other charges could reduce the earnings on the account. For current rates and account information call (800) 336.0284. All rates effective 5/25/2022.

1Money Market Accounts – Annual Percentage Yield can change monthly. Limited to 6 withdrawals per month. To qualify for the Legacy Money Market account you must be at least 55 or older.

2High-Yield Checking has certain requirements that must be met: The debit card must be used at least 10 times and there must be a total of $1,000 being directly deposited into the account each month. The member must be enrolled in e-statements and can only have one High-Yield Checking per account. If any of the requirements are not met, the account will earn the standard checking account rate for that month. Balances above $20,000 earn the standard checking APY while balances below $20,000 will earn the High Yield APY.

3Rates are set by the Board of Directors and may change without notice. If the standard 24-month share certificate rate is higher than your current rate, you are eligible to “Bump It Up” or increase your rate one (1) time during the term of the share certificate. It is your responsibility to contact the Credit Union and request the rate to be increased; we will not increase the rate automatically at any time during the term of the certificate. At the end of the term, the Share Certificate will automatically renew to the regular 24-month certificate rate. For our current rates, visit or contact us at (800) 336.0284 ext. 684. For all Share Certificates, a penalty may be assessed for early withdrawal of funds.

4$500 minimum deposit required to open. Deposits of funds currently held at SFCU and transferred into a new 36 month certificate will earn the standard 36 month rate. Any additional deposits added of $10,000 or more from another financial institution, funded within 10 business days, the entire certificate will earn the Premium Rate of 2.05%.  All new 36 month certificates of deposit funded from other financial institutions with a minimum deposit of $10,000 will earn the premium rate of 2.05%.

5Balances over $10,000 (plus the accumulated dividend) will earn 0.10%.