Credit Cards

How do I redeem my credit card points with Member Choice Rewards?

You can redeem your Visa® points through Member Choice Rewards online or by phone.

  • Online: Log onto the redemption site. If this is your first visit, you must set up a user name and password to log in. Once you have enrolled you can redeem your points for merchandise, gift cards, charity donations, and travel.
  • Phone: Call 1-844-MBR-CHOICE (1-844-627-2464).

To switch or apply for a rewards points Visa card, contact us at (800) 336.0284.

How do I pay my Visa credit card online?

Choose the option that works best for you:

  1. Log into your Signature FCU Online Branch account from a computer or mobile device using our app, and choose the account that you’d like to use to pay your credit card bill.
  2. Transfer funds from another financial institution. You must deposit funds into your Share Savings, Checking or Money Market Account first. Then, once the deposit is in your account, you can make the payment transfer to your credit card or loan balance.
  3. Set up payment through Web BillPay. Log in 24/7 to:
    • Send payments to any person or business in the U.S. and its territories, quickly and easily.
    • Schedule payments (one time or recurring) up to a year in advance.
    • Pay a single bill at one time or pay all your bills at once.
    • View, print and save images of posted checks.

How do I activate my Visa card?

Activating your Visa card is quick and easy.

  • Phone: Call Signature at (800) 336.0284 (during business hours only) or (800) 290. 7893 (at any time) to activate your Visa card.
  • Online: Log into your account and click Options, then Visa Card Info. Once you are logged in, you may also make payments and transfers between your accounts. For online account access, click Enroll or call (800) 336.0284.

Where do I send my credit card payments?

PO Box 148
Alexandria, VA 22313-0148

Overnight mail:
12 Herbert Street
Alexandria, VA 22305

Log into your account 24/7 using your username and password. You may also make a transfer from your Share Savings, Checking or Money Market account to pay your Visa card.
Mobile app: Download the mobile app from the Apple App store or Google Play.
You must have a username and password to make payments via web or mobile app. To create an account, click Enroll or call us at (800) 336.0284. This login is the same for both web and mobile app access.

How do I send a wire transfer/electronic transfer for payment to my credit card account?

You may choose the option that works best for you. Note that you may be charged a fee to send a wire transfer. 

  1. Initiate the transfer at the institution that the funds will be wired from. You will need to provide this information:
    • The name of the Credit Union (that’s us!)
    • Our ABA/routing number, which is 254074934
    • The receiving account and Loan number
    • Member name who is receiving the payment
    • Signature’s telephone number, which is (800) 336.0284.
  2. Set up an automatic transfer, called an ACH. To set up an ACH payment, you can log into your Signature account or call us at (800) 336.0284. There is a $1.95 fee to set up a one-time transfer. There is no charge for setting up recurring transfers.
  3. Log into Web BillPay to set up payments from your Share Savings or Checking accounts or from your payroll deposit. There is no fee for transfers from these accounts.

Do you have a reward program on your credit card?

We offer a few different reward programs to suit the preferences of our users.

  • Platinum Card: Earn points for every dollar spent. Points are redeemable for airline tickets or other merchandise.
  • Visa Signature Card: Choose whether you’d like to earn points or rebate. You’ll also receive other exclusive cardholder benefits.

To apply for one of our cards, log into your account or contact a Financial Service Representative at (800) 336.0284.

Can I request a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for my credit card online?

Log into your account to request a PIN through a contact form. You may also request a personalized PIN by calling (800) 290.7893

How do I handle a lost or stolen Visa card?

Contact us immediately if your card is lost or stolen at (800) 336.0284. You will also want to contact Visa to cancel the card and prevent someone from making purchases using your funds. To report a lost or stolen card, contact Visa Emergency Assistance 24/7 at (800) 682.6075. If you suspect fraud on your card please contact Visa Fraud/Risk management at (800) 417.4592

What is the difference between an ATM card and a debit card?

ATM cards and debit cards are both used to access money in your account. An ATM card is used to withdraw cash from your account at an Automated Teller Machine (ATM). A debit card offers access to your checking account funds via an ATM or when making purchases at a store. As a Signature member, you may use your debit card to withdraw funds from ATMs and to make purchases at stores – there is no separate ATM card.

How can I apply for a credit card online?

Every Visa card available to you as a Signature member offers a low rate, no annual fees, no minimum finance charge, and the same rate on purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers. Once you have compared the benefits of each card and decided which one is right for your needs, you may apply online.

Do you process credit card limit increase requests online?

There are multiple ways to apply for a credit card limit increase.

  • Online, 24/7 access: Log into your  Online Branch account.
  • Fax: Download an application and fax the completed form to 1-703-683-1573.
  • Phone: Apply with a representative during regular business hours by calling (800) 336.0284.


Do you offer business loans?

Our business loans can help you turn your entrepreneurial dream into a reality. And we’re with you every step of the way, with a full package of business solutions to fit your needs. To speak with a Signature representative about starting your business, call (800) 336.0284.

Do you offer debt consolidation loans?

Yes, you can choose from a variety of secured or unsecured debt consolidation loans. A signature loan or home equity loan may be appropriate solutions for your bill consolidation goals. Your accountant can advise you about which debt consolidation loans will help you meet your goals.

There are two ways to apply for a loan:

  1. Log into your Online Branch account.
  2. Download an application and email the completed form to

How can I make loan payments?

Choose the loan-payment option that works best for you:

Online: Log in to set up automatic withdrawals through Web BillPay. Access your account 24/7 from any computer or mobile device.

Mail:  Mail your monthly loan payment to our office:  

Signature Federal Credit Union
PO Box 148
Alexandria, VA 22313-0148

Phone: Call during normal business hours to speak with a representative, at (800) 336.0284

How do I check the status of a loan application?

A representative in the loan department can give you the status of your loan application. Please call (800) 336.0284.

Can I apply for an auto loan if I have not found the car I want yet?

Yes, we will finance up to 100% of the purchase price including tax and tags. We will even help you establish the value of a used car based on the NADA appraisal book so you can ensure you are getting the best price. We offer vehicle loans that cover new or used cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, ATVs or RVs.

What are the current auto loan rates?

We offer great rates  and flexible terms on our auto loans, which cover new or used cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, ATVs or RVs.

What happens when I'm approved for my auto loan?

Your approval is valid for 90 days while you shop for a vehicle. Once you have found a vehicle, we will need the purchase order to fund the loan appropriately. If you are buying a vehicle from an individual, you must also send a copy of a bill of sale along with a copy of the title or registration.

Choose how you would like to send us the paperwork:

Signature Federal Credit Union
PO Box 148
Alexandria, VA 22313-0148


Fax: (703) 683.1573

How long does a loan approval take?

If you qualify, you can get approved in just 60 seconds via an online application. We can let you know if you’re approved within the same business day for other application methods. Applying for a Signature loan to make a purchase or take a vacation is easy:

  1. Online: Log into your Online Branch account and complete our loan application online. You may receive approval notice within 60 seconds if you qualify.
  2. Over the Phone: Call during regular business hours to speak with one of our professionals, at (800) 336.0284.
  3. In Person: Visit our branch location at 12 Herbert St., Alexandria, VA 22305.

Questions? We’re here to help you discuss your options. Just call (800) 336.0284.

How can I qualify for a loan?

Loans have individual qualifications. Fortunately, applying is fast, easy and free. Our loan staff will work with you to look for opportunities to get your loan request approved and you’ll know within 60 seconds if you qualify.

Do I have to have good credit to apply for work out loan? Can I apply even if I am coming out of bankruptcy?

We will pull a credit report to calculate the best option, but also consider other records when making the decision. You shouldn’t let a credit report prevent you from applying. To discuss options before applying, call us at (800) 336.0284.

What is my loan payoff amount?

You can find out your loan payoff amount by visiting a branch, contacting us, or logging into your account online.

  • Office Location:
    • 12 Herbert St.
    • Alexandria, VA 22305
  • Phone:
    • Toll Free: (800) 336.0284
    • Local: (703) 683.7300
  • Fax: (703) 683.1573
  • Email:
  • Mailing Address:
    • Signature Federal Credit Union
    • PO Box 148
    • Alexandria, VA 22313-0148
  • Important Numbers:
    • Visa Emergency Assistance: (800) 682.6075
    • Visa PIN by phone: (877) 746.6746 (Order a custom PIN for your credit or debit card)

Do you offer student loans?

Yes, we have a variety of student loan products to help finance your education. Learn more about student loans and  view current rates.

Can I refinance my car?

Yes, we can refinance your auto loan if it is financed with another institution. We do not typically refinance Signature auto loans, but we will review your situation individually. Choose one of these options to submit your refinance application:

  • Online: Log into your Online Branch account and submit your application.
  • Phone: Call during regular business hours – (800) 336.0284.
  • Email: Download the loan application. Then email the completed form to
  • Fax: Download the loan application. Then fax the completed form to (703) 683.1573.

I am looking to buy a new vehicle. Where do I start?

We’re here for you from start to finish. Just follow these simple steps.

Apply for a preapproval. Log into your account and start your loan application. We can help determine what loan amount you qualify for. Your preapproval is good for 90 days while you shop around and test drive cars.

Download a loan application. Complete the application or apply by phone at (800) 336.0284.

Determine the value of the vehicle. Once you know what type of car you want to purchase, we can determine the value so you can negotiate a fair deal.

How much can I be approved for on a student loan?

We offer student loans up to $50,000 that can be used for college or even for private school. View our available student loan options, begin the application process or call us at (800) 336.0284.                                                                           

The U.S. Federal Government also offers additional student aid options through grants and loans. For more information and to submit an application, visit the Free Application for Student Aid.

Real Estate

What is the difference between a home equity loan and a home equity line of credit?

A home equity loan is normally drawn out in one lump sum (a closed-end loan), while a home equity line of credit is used mostly as revolving credit (open-end). You can draw the entire amount at once or as needed.

What are points/discount points?

To obtain a lower rate on your loan, the money you pay up front at closing represents discount points. 1 discount point = 1% of your loan amount. This payment increases your closing costs up front, but your lower rate will help you save interest over the life of the loan. View current mortgage rates and points.

How do I apply to refinance my home equity loan?

We offer financing on primary and residential properties. You can choose from Signature’s fixed-rate, conventional mortgages available in 15-, 20- and 30-year terms, Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM) and balloon loans. View our current mortgage rates.

Choose one of these three ways to apply to refinance your home equity loan or line of credit.

  1. Online: Download and submit the application online, 24/7 from any computer through Online Branch.
  2. Phone: Mortgage loan officers are available Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm at (800) 336.0284.
  3. In Person: If you are in the DC Metro area, stop by our branch location to meet with us in person, we are located at 12 Herbert Street, in Alexandria, VA. 

Questions? We’ll help you evaluate your options before you apply. Just call (800) 336.0284.


How do I order/reorder checks?

It’s easy to order or reorder checks.

Phone: If this is your first order you are placing, you need to change any information on your checks, you have been contacted by the Credit Union informing you that your checks have wrong information, or you just wish to talk to a representative to assist you in placing your order, please contact us by phone at (800) 336.0284.

Mail: Complete the reorder coupon included with your checks and mail it to us at PO Box 148, Alexandria, VA 22313-0148.

Online: Order directly through Harland Clarke. Please do not use this option if you need to update any information or are ordering for the first time.

If you are ever in doubt, please contact us at (800) 336.0284 and we can assist you in placing your order. Keep in mind that wrong information on your checks could result in checks not being accepted or being returned.

What is my PIN? How do I change my PIN for my debit card? Can I choose my own PIN?

Your PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a verification number that’s required to make certain transactions using your debit card. For example, withdrawing money from an ATM or buying groceries. As a safety precaution, your Visa debit card (or Visa credit card) and your PIN will arrive in different mailers. If you forget or misplace your PIN:

  • You can choose to set up a custom PIN by calling (800) 290.7893. Your custom PIN will be updated in two business days.

It is important to choose a PIN that is unique and memorable. Do not share your PIN with anyone else.

What is the difference between an overdraft fee and an insufficient funds fee?

An overdraft fee is charged when an accountholder tries to withdraw more money than is available in the account. If the accountholder authorized an overdraft agreement, the overdraft fee is a small surcharge to transfer funds to cover the transaction. An accountholder is charged an insufficient funds fee if there is no overdraft agreement when an attempt is made to clear an account with fewer funds available.

Member Privilege is an opt-in program that helps cover your account and avoid fees charged by the merchant for insufficient funds. Opt in to Member Privilege today by contacting us at (800) 336.0284.

How do I order a new debit card?

As a Signature checking accountholder, you can use your debit card to withdraw cash at an ATM and to make purchases. Through the CO-OP Shared Branch Network, you can visit thousands of ATMs throughout the U.S. and Canada and withdraw funds without paying a fee. If you need to order a new debit card, call us at (800) 336.0284.

How do I activate my debit card?

The paperwork with your new debit card will include these directions for activating your card. Choose the way that works best for you:

  • Call the number on the sticker on the card: (800) 411.6390.
  • Contact us at (800) 336.0284.
  • Log into your Online Branch account, click Options and Visa Card Info.

Account Services

How do I access mobile banking and remote deposit?

Mobile Banking is available through our free Signature app on any mobile device.

  1. Download the Signature Federal Credit Union app on the iTunes App Store or Google Play.
  2. Log into mobile banking through the app using the same username and password you use on your computer. You must create an online account on your computer before you can access mobile banking.
  3. Remote Deposit allows you to deposit funds in your account using a mobile device. Using the app, take a picture of the front and back of the check(s) you wish to deposit and hit submit. Your account will be credited for the deposit within a few days. Keep the hard copy of your check for two weeks in case we have any questions for you, and then you may securely destroy the original check.

How can I set up/reset my online account password?

You will be asked to enroll in the password self-reset feature when you log into your Online Branch account for the first time. This feature will help you log in if you forget or misplace your password. To enable this feature or change your existing PIN, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into your online branch account.
  2. Select the Options tab near the top of the page.
  3. Enter a new Password Self-Reset question and answer.
  4. Check the email address you have one file with us for an email will include a confirmation link.
  5. Click the link in the email; you will be directed to a page where you will be asked to answer your password reset question. This question and answer is separate from the verification information established for the Multi-Factor Authentication and is only used when resetting your password.
  6. Reset your password after answering the question correctly.

How do I apply for Web BillPay?

Log into your Online Branch account and click Web BillPay. Select Sign Up and follow the instructions. After accepting the disclosure you can start paying your bills through your Signature Online Branch account instead of visiting each creditor’s website.

With Web BillPay you can:

  • Set up payments to any individual or entity in the United States or its territories quickly and easily.
  • Schedule payments (one time or recurring) up to a year in advance.
  • Pay a single bill at one time or pay all your bills at once.
  • View, print and save images of posted checks.

How can I submit a secure email?

You must be logged into your Signature Online Branch account to submit a secure email. You can log into your account from any computer or mobile device.

How can I view my account balances online?

You must be logged into your Signature online account to view your account balances. If you have not created an online account yet, sign up now.

How do I get a copy of my statement?

Your statement is available through your online account if you are enrolled in E-statements. You can also request a copy of your statements by calling at (800) 336.0284.

What time does my direct deposit post on pay day?

Funds from a Direct Deposit will be available by the start of business on the next business day. You can log into your online account 24/7 from any computer or mobile device to check your balance. If you have not created an online account yet, sign up now.

Can I make ATM deposits?

You can visit thousands of fee-free ATMs within the CO-OP Shared ATM Network. More than 5,000 of these ATMs also accept deposits. Find a Signature ATM near you.

Where can I access tax forms online?

Tax-related documents and IRA forms are sent to you through the United States Postal Service. Members who enrolled in E-statements can also access tax forms by logging into their account and clicking the E-statements tab. IRA forms are not available online.

How do I send a wire transfer to my Signature FCU account?

The wire transfer, also called a same-day bank-to-bank transfer (if the request is received prior to the cut off time), must be initiated at the institution that currently holds the funds. You will need to provide them the following Signature FCU account information:

  • Name of the Institution: Signature FCU
  • Routing Number: 2540-7493-4
  • Account Number: The Signature FCU member account that you want to receive the funds

Please note: ABA Routing numbers obtained from checks or deposit slips may not be valid for processing a wire transfer. If you are wiring funds to another institution, please contact that institution to get the appropriate wiring instructions.

How do I sign up to receive E-statements?

E-statements allow you to retrieve important account documents any time, from any computer. We will email you when new E-statements are available. Just click the link in the email to log into your account and view your E-statements. To enroll in E-statements, please call us at (800) 336.0284.

How do I sign into Online Branch (online banking)?

You can log into your account from any computer. Follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the homepage.
  • Enter your username (Contact us by phone if you have forgotten your username).
  • Enter your password (Select the Forgot Password option if you have forgotten your password.

You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password).
For questions or issues logging into your account, call us at (800) 336.0284.

How do I send money (make a deposit) to my Signature FCU account?

There are many ways to deposit funds into your Signature FCU account. Choose the option below that works best for you:

  1. Mobile app: Download our free Signature FCU Mobile Banking App from the iTunes App Store or Google Play. You can use Remote Deposit anywhere to take a picture of your check and deposit the funds into your Signature FCU account.
  2. Visit a branch or ATM: Stop by one of our CO-OP Shared Branches or an ATM that takes deposits. Find a location near you.
  3. Online: Log into your Online Branch account to access our free electronic funds transfer (FI to FI). An online transfer usually takes 2-3 business days for the funds to post.
  4. Phone: Call (800) 336.0284 to have a Financial Service Representative set up the electronic fund transfer. Please have the routing number (ABA#) and account number of the financial institution where you want the funds to come from.
  5. Mail: Drop your signed check(s) in a sealed envelope addressed to:
    • Signature Federal Credit Union
    • PO Box 148
    • Alexandria, VA 22313-0148


Do I need to be a U.S. Citizen to be a member?

Signature Federal Credit Union membership is open to U.S. Citizens and U.S. Permanent Residents. 


To join Signature FCU, click the button below.

Join Signature FCU

How can I get my account number?

Your account number is located on your statements and on the bottom of your check (the second set of numbers). You can also contact us for your account information. For security purposes, you will be asked to verify several things before we can release your account number to you.

What are your hours?

The Signature Federal Credit Union branch office is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Deposits, payments and check cashing done after 2:00 pm are credited the next business day. Your Online Branch account access is available 24/7. Log into your account to check your balances, view transactions, get copies of checks, transfer money, make payments, request a check to be mailed to you from your account, apply for a loan and pay bills through Web BillPay system.

What is your routing/ABA number?

A routing or ABA number is a nine-digit number that identifies a financial institution and is used for electronic fund transfers. The routing number usually precedes your account number on the bottom of your checks.

  • Signature Federal Credit Union’s routing/ABA number is 254074934.

You will need Signature’s routing number to use the following services: Web BillPay, wire transfers, checking transactions (sometimes called electronic checks) and direct deposits. Log into your account to perform these electronic payments 24/7.

Where are the Share Network Locations and what are their hours?

There are more than 2,000 CO-OP Shared Branches throughout the United States. Hours vary by location. Find a Shared Branch near you.

What is a Shared Branch or a Service Center?
A Shared Branch (or service center) is a location at another credit union where you can conduct Signature Federal Credit Union business. These locations are usually open for extended hours and sometimes on holidays.

What types of transactions can be performed at a Shared Branch?
You can make deposits and withdrawals, loan payments, loan advances and cash advances from your Visa account at all Shared Branches.

Some locations also provide these services (a small fee may be assessed for some services):

  • Transfers
  • Statement history
  • Check withdrawals (bank checks)
  • Fax/photocopy services
  • Money orders
  • Travelers checks
  • Notary services

What do you need to access your account at a Shared Branch?

  • Your credit union's name (that’s us!)
  • Your account number
  • A valid U.S. Government-issued picture ID with your signature

Find a Shared Branch near you or call us at (800) 336.0284 and speak with a Signature FCU service rep who can help you find the nearest branch.

How do I change my name, address or any other contact information on my account?

To change any of the vital information, you can click here to be directed to the Account Change Form where you can submit the information directly to us.  We will contact you for verification purposes.

How do I add/remove joint owners from my account?

You can add or remove joint account holders by clicking here to be directed to the Account Change form that you can submit electronically.  Once it is submitted, we will contact you for verification purposes.

How long does it take to verify a deposit?

Deposits made by check will post on the next business day. Cash deposits will post as soon as you make the deposit. To confirm that your deposits have cleared, you should check your account statement. Log into your account to check your statement online or sign up for an online account now.

What is your mailing address?

Loan payments, deposits and mortgage payments may be mailed to:
Signature Federal Credit Union
PO Box 1416
Alexandria, VA 22313-1416

All other inquiries can be sent to:
Signature Federal Credit Union
PO Box 148
Alexandria, VA 22313-0148

Our physical address is:
12 Herbert Street
Alexandria, VA 22305

Can anyone join Signature Federal Credit Union?

Membership is open to anyone who falls into in one of the following eligibility categories:

  • Immediate family members of Signature Federal Credit Union members
  • Household members of Signature Federal Credit Union members
  • Employees of the United States Postal Service whose job title is Postmaster, Postmaster Relief (PMR), Supervisor or Officer in Charge (OIC)
  • Marymount University Alumni Association Members and Alumni Association Employees
  • Employees of:
    • The National Association of Postmasters of the United States
    • The National Association of Postal Supervisors
    • Signature Federal Credit Union
    • The Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States
    • The National Enlisted Reserve Association
    • Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.
    • Martin Communications, Inc.
    • Mass Benefits Consultants, Inc.
    • The PrintShop, LLC
    • FirstMark Financial Resources
    • The DC Coalition for the Homeless
    • Pet Assure (including Veterinarian practices and their employees)
    • The Del Ray Business Association (members and employees of members)
    • IIDA (International Interior Design Association)
    • Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington

If you do not fall under any of the above eligibility categories, you may be eligible to join our Credit Union through the American Consumer Council (ACC).

Please visit the ACC's website or contact a Signature FCU membership representative at (800) 336.0284 for more information on membership eligibility.

There are two ways you can submit your application for membership to Signature Federal Credit Union:

Online: Download, complete and submit our Membership Application.

Mail: Send your completed Membership Application to:
Signature FCU Membership
PO Box 148
Alexandria, VA 22313-0148

Are my funds in this credit union federally insured to $250,000 (FDIC or NCUA)?

Yes, the funds in your Signature accounts are insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). You can maximize your share insurance up to $3,000,000 by adding joint owners. To estimate the coverage you have on your accounts, visit the NCUA website and use the share insurance estimator. If you are unsure if the funds in your accounts are fully insured, we can help. Contact a representative at (800) 336-0284.

What insurance products do you offer?

Signature members can choose from wide array of insurance products to support the whole family, including home and auto insurance, GAP, Auto Warranty, Pet Assure and much more – many are available to members at exclusive discount prices. For more information, visit our Insurance and Warranties page.