Are you a Signature FCU college or trade school-bound member?

Signature FCU understands the importance of higher education–and how costly it can be.

If you're a Signature FCU member who needs some assistance with your higher education tuition, you are eligible to apply for our essay-based scholarship. We will pick six winners, each to receive $500.

This year's essay topic is:
Describe your most meaningful achievement and how it relates to your field of study.

Please submit your 250-500 word (typed and double-spaced) essay using the form at the bottom of this page. The deadline for applications is June 14, 2019. Scholarship winners will be announced at the 2019 Credit Union annual meeting in Uncasville. CT.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If my parent is a member, am I eligible to apply for the Signature Federal Credit Union scholarship program?

To be eligible, the applicant must have their own membership account at Signature FCU and have an active account*

Is there an age limit for Signature Federal Credit Union scholarship applicants?

Any graduating high-school senior or a student currently pursuing their first undergraduate, associate, or trade school degree may apply.

How many credit hours per semester do I need to take to qualify for a Signature Federal Credit Union scholarship?

You must be taking or planning to take at least 12 credit hours at an accredited college, university, or trade school. Proof of enrollment is required upon application.

*Active account means using the account at least once a year.

*Signature FCU Officials, Employees and their families are not eligible to apply

Applicants may apply for the scholarship each year they remain eligible, but can only be a scholarship winner once.

All fields are required